Wandjoo Tickets is an event management and ticket selling platform with everything you need for a successful event.

Wandjoo Tickets  has a wide array of features aimed at making organising and selling events effortless and successful.
It has all the features you need to start, sell & grow your events at no cost to you & commission costs!

Sell Tickets for any type of event

  • Museums and Attractions
  • Recurring events
  • Music Festivals
  • Seasonal Festivals, etc

Beautiful mobile friendly event pages, including multiple ticket types, event information and a map of the event location.

Customise your event page with your choice of colours and background images.

Offer multiple ticket types from the same event page.

Create discount codes for your ticket sales and make selected tickets private or public.

Add your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager codes to track traffic and conversions.

Sell your tickets with or without GST.  
Add additional fees as needed.

Ask custom questions to collect all the data you need for each event.

Fully brandable tickets – add your own logo and colours.

Run unlimited events without commission or platform usage fees, from one account.

Set automatic start and end dates for your ticketing sales – or sell permanent tickets.

Ticket booking is via a quick and easy online checkout process for attendees, to help increase sales.

Take credit card payments online with Stripe or offer offline payments – at the same time!

Collect attendee names, email, and any custom data you need via the online booking form.

Invite attendees individually – or in bulk via an imported list – and automatically send them their tickets via your event admin tools.

Visitors to your event page have easy options to share it across Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Email.

Use a laptop or iPad to check-in or check-out attendees with the push of a button, on the day of your event.

Dedicated mobile app for check-in and ticket validation at the door.

See real-time event statistics such as ticket sales volume, registrations by ticket type and event traffic on your Event Dashboard.

Get all your payments pre-event. 

Ticket purchase fees are sent directly to you on purchase. 

Process refunds directly to your customers. 

  • Refund the full amount
  • Refund partial amounts 

Stay in touch with attendees via the messaging tools. 
Message individually or in bulk to all holders of a specific ticket type.

Control and own your data. Download attendee lists in various formats such as CSV, XLSX and PDF.

Track your Affiliates – track the sales volume or number of visits they generate.

Use the special embed widget to easily add your Ticket options directly to your own website or WordPress site.

Show all your current and future event listings and attractions in one place, on your Organiser page

Wandjoo Tickets is free until the the end of September 2020 !!

No fees for Users or Organisers.

The Wandjoo ticketing platform does not take any commission from your ticket sales.
Wandjoo tickets if FREE for organisers to use.

Wandjoo ticketing is extremely easy use. Get started in just 4 steps: 


Sign up

Sign up for free - No Credit Card required.
Registration takes less than a minute!

Step 2

Set up payment

Connect to Stripe and verify your account. You’ll receive payment as soon as your attendees purchase tickets.

Step 3

Create Your Event

Add your event logo, images, description and location. Create all your ticket variations as needed.

Step 4

Sell Your Tickets

Direct people to your event page URL or embed the ticket widget directly into your current website.


Try Wandjoo tickets for free.

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