Helpie FAQ

Helpie FAQ

  • Are there any hidden fees in theplatform?

    Absolutely not.
    Unlike some other platforms, Wandjoo tickets:

    • does not charge a booking fee for tickets that you sell in person or for complimentary tickets that you send to invited guests.
    • will not charge you an event cancellation fee or a refund processing fee.
    • charge you for GST. We only supply the software to enable you to sell tickets online. As such, we are not responsible for the GST component of the event – this is the responsibility of the event organiser.
  • Do I pay when I am not running an event/selling tickets?

    Due to the way the Wandjoo Tickets system fees work, if you are not selling a ticket, then you are not paying anything.

    This is great, because you don’t need to remember to cancel or pause an account, or get charged for something you are not using.

  • Will you put me on a subscription plan without me asking?

    We can’t automatically charge you a subscription fee because don’t have your credit card details. You do not supply this information until you decide you want to become a customer and subscribe to a plan.

    This is managed via a secure third-party platform and Wandjoo Tickets will never be given a copy of your credit card details.

  • Do I need to pay the subscription when my events are not running?

    There are no contracts with our plans and you are in full control of switching plans whenever you like. When you have no events, simply pause your plan.

    Wandjoo Tickets will maintain your data so you can reactivate the account later.

  • How do I pay the Subscription fee?

    After you select your plan, your card will be charged at the beginning of every the selected period – Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. You will be sent an invoice so you can always easily check how much you’ve paid.

    For customers paying via Invoice, you will be sent an invoice 30 days before your billing period starts.