Wandjoo Tickets is free for organisers to use!

Wandjoo Tickets has no ongoing commission costs or hidden usage fees. 
You get 100% of your net ticket price and there are no costs for organisers to use the platform.

A booking fee of 80c is automatically applied to all tickets purchased on the platform.
The booking fee and any processing fees are paid by the consumer when they purchase the tickets.
These fees are not taken out of your net ticket price, meaning
 that the system is free for organisers to use.

Ticket Booking Fee &/or GST

Paid by the ticket buyer on purchase.

Credit Card processing fee

Automatically passed onto the ticket buyer.

Wandjoo Tickets is free until the the end of September 2020 !!

No fees for Users or Organisers.


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If you do not want your consumers paying a booking fee when they purchase tickets,
then you have the option to take up a Wandjoo ticketing subscription instead.

No booking fee will be applied to your tickets at checkout and the subscription fee ensures that Wandjoo Tickets does not have to take any commission from your ticket sales.
Our packages are a set monthly fee, paid as either Per Month, Quarterly or Yearly – so you know your costs in advance.

Subscription packages are for the period chosen only, with no lock-in conditions.

Per Month - AUD


  • Includes all features
  • Best for smaller events
Per 3 Months - AUD


  • Includes all features
  • Best for larger events
Per Year - AUD


  • Includes all features
  • Best for Attractions

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Try Wandjoo tickets for free.

Sign up now – no credit card needed.



  • Is the platform really FREE for organisers to use?

    Yes, it really is. We want to make Wandjoo Tickets as affordable as possible for event organisers of all sizes - especially those in regional Australia. This platform was created specifically to help smaller organisations to have a cost-effective way to improve their event successes. All the costs that we need to add so that we can keep the platform running are paid by the consumer, not the organiser. We feel that this is fair and lets you - the organiser - focus on the event rather than worrying about your costs as much. Our system even allows you to add your own booking fee markup to keep as extra revenue, so you can make more than your net ticket price if you choose to. In order to process payments, you will need to use a payment processor (Stripe) and they charge a small transaction fee to cover the cost of processing the payment. (1.75% + 0.30 AUD for each transaction). Again, the consumer pays for this fee. You are able to get a Stripe account for free and connect it directly to your nominated bank account.  

  • What if my Attraction only sells very cheap tickets?

    If you are the kind of attraction that only charges a nominal fee for tickets, then you may be able to use the Wandjoo Tickets platform at absolutely no cost at all. That's right - totally free & no booking fees charged to your consumers. (Sorry, we can't stop the Credit Card processing fees though).

    The Wandjoo platform was created specifically to assist organisation that are run very lean, or who may be volunteer run, so we are happy to help out where possible. This offer is for select organisations only, so to see if you are eligible, please complete this form and Wandjoo will get back in touch with you.

  • When do I get paid for the tickets sold?

    We know that waiting until after the event to get paid is a pain for event organisers. Wandjoo Tickets send you the funds immediately when tickets are sold, via Stripe.

    You will need a free Stripe account linked to your bank account. The revenue will appear almost immediately into your Stripe account, but may take a day or so to be transferred into your bank account.

    We recommend Stripe as our preferred payment provider as they are very easy to use, have a slick checkout process for ticket buyers, and have low payment processing rates.

    Wandjoo Tickets will allow your customers to pay you 'offline' via direct deposit. Payments for this will happen as quickly as you are able to get the attendee to send their funds direct to your bank account.

  • Are there limits to the amount of tickets I can sell on the platform?

    Not at all. You may want to sell hundreds of tickets a year , or just a few - but you won't be charged any more for this.

    If you do anticipate that your event may have a surge of ticket sales of more than 2,000 on a single day then let us know so we can ensure we're ready for the heavy traffic this may produce.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of Events I can run in the patform?

    Nope. Wandjoo Tickets lets you put create & run as many events as you can handle.

  • Do I pay when I am not running an event/selling tickets?

    Due to the way the Wandjoo Tickets system fees work, if you are not selling a ticket, then you are not paying anything. This is great, because you don't need to remember to cancel or pause an account, or get charged for something you are not using.

  • What are the Credit Card processing fees?

    Stripe charges a small transaction fee to cover the cost of processing any Credit Card payments.

    • 1.75% + 0.30 AUD for for domestic cards
    • 2.9% + 0.30 AUD for for international cards
    Any tickets that you enable with offline payments will not have this processing fee applied to the checkout cost. We recommend you use a Stripe Fee Calculator (like this one) to work out what additional Booking fee to charge.

  • Are there any hidden fees in theplatform?

    Absolutely not. Unlike some other platforms, Wandjoo tickets:

    • does not charge a booking fee for tickets that you sell in person or for complimentary tickets that you send to invited guests.
    • will not charge you an event cancellation fee or a refund processing fee.
    • charge you for GST. We only supply the software to enable you to sell tickets online. As such, we are not responsible for the GST component of the event - this is the responsibility of the event organiser.

  • Subscriptions

  • Will you put me on a subscription plan without me asking?

    Nope. We can't automatically charge you a subscription fee because don't have your credit card details. You do not supply this information until you decide you want to become a customer and subscribe to a plan. This is managed via a secure third-party platform and Wandjoo Tickets will never be given a copy of your credit card details.

  • Do I need to pay the subscription when my events are not running?

    There are no contracts with our plans and you are in full control of switching plans whenever you like. When you have no events, simply pause your plan.
    Wandjoo Tickets will maintain your data so you can reactivate the account later.

  • How do I pay the Subscription fee?

    After you select your plan, your card will be charged at the beginning of every the selected period - Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. You will be sent an invoice so you can always easily check how much you've paid.

    For customers paying via Invoice, you will be sent an invoice 30 days before your billing period starts.