Unique uses for online ticketing

You don’t have to use an online ticketing platform just to sell tickets for a festival, expo or a musical event.

As long as the system you are using will support it, you can also try these ideas:

1. Sell Memberships for your organisation
One of the biggest pain points for many volunteer clubs and other organisations is money. Memberships are often the primary way that many organisations remain active. Raising money is so important, yet it can often be difficult to wrangle payments.
If you think about it, a yearly membership is just a yearly ticket to be part of your group. So next time, why not use an online platform to sell your Memberships directly?
You can promote them online and have hassle-free payment processing.

2. Manage Player Registrations
Player and Competitor registrations are another area that can be hard to manage.
This is why digital tools are such a blessing – they can allow clubs to gather money at the same time as registrations, ensuring much more dependent cashflow and more straightforward experience for club members.
You can offer multiple registration options and add custom questions in order to get all the information you need from the process.

3. Plan a reunion for your high school class or former work colleagues
You can create tickets for your next Family, Workplace or Class reunion. A ticketing platform makes it much easier to create, publish and promote online.  You can keep your event private from the public and send tickets directly to the email addresses of the people that you want to know about it.
This means you can manage your attendees list without the risk of unwanted guests showing up!

4. Run a Free Community Event
If you have a free event that you want to promote and attract people to – you can do it with an online ticketing platform. Even though the tickets are free, you will still want to know exactly how many people are intending to come to your event. This obviously helps you to manage all the other logistics of the event.

5. Give free tickets to your speakers or exhibitors
You don’t want the people that are helping make your event special, to have to pay for tickets. But you also want to know how many people will be at the event – and you want to make sure they are checked in when they arrive.
You can set up ‘hidden’ tickets that can only be accessed by a unique password, which you give only to people that need it.

Wandjoo Tickets can help you do any of the activities mentioned above. If you want to know more, just contact us.

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